Yes, It Was Very Beautiful (Then I Dug)

I dug and dug and dug. Extricating the completely buried draxian vehicles from their very white hills of very heavy snow required engineering skills and precision on a level fucking unprecedented in this neck of the woods where less industrious neighbors hire lackeys to do their heavy lifting for them—I do not lie, I could not help but notice that my neighbor (whom I shall identify as Zontarr) had strangers huffing and puffing on his property, while I, noble Drax, grimaced and heaved, smoldering cig clenched tween my teeth, I dug, I grunted, I became an animal, I became the purest of warriors, the snow was my enemy and I would defeat it, and I—

— I realized Eddie was speaking to me.




  1. Here’s to the DIY brotherhood.

    • Drax can’t talk right now, Mrs Torrence.

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