Das eBook!! Es ist das Verhängnis Soldaten!!

Yes, baby. The eBook’s going to be Doomtroopers. Thanks to everybody who made their preference known. The choice of a collection of short fiction was a big-big favorite, with a 5-1 win! : ) yay : ) yay  However. I have damn good reasons to proceed in an alternative course at this time.

You’ll just have to trust me.

Now back to work, bitch.


Edited to add: For the EV mss, above, why the old Underland-era graphic with Winona Ryder and not the spiffy new Jeffrey Jones design, viewable upper left? Because while lugging around the hard copy, I like to keep it real. No, seriously—I’m trying hold on to the source emotions, not the idea of a cool finished package. MAKE SENSE, no?



  1. Go, boy, go!

  2. MAKE[S] SENSE, yes. And we’ll make a small sacrifice in the hopes that the hour of the Doomtroopers has finally, well and truly arrived…

    • MAKE SENSE YES. (I speak the tongue from planet dumb. Too much coffee, not enough blood. Of hu-mans. Yes.)

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