The Books I Got for Christmas, or “Look at me, look at me!” Like, Who Could Possibly Give a Shit What I’m Reading?! But It’s a Nice Stack of New Books and Three of them Just Arrived Today and I Can’t Wait to Read All of Them, So There Ya Go




  1. Very cool! I love a pile of unread books.

    Will we get reviews? I’m particularly interested in the Patti Smith book.

    • Reviews? You’re on!

      Yeah, the Patti Smith book was a nice surprise: didn’t ask for it, wasn’t expecting it. Sort of like Patti winning the NBA! Will report back. (And yes, despite my naysays, nothing beats a beautiful stack of unread books.)

  2. Having supplied 25% of those books (and written 12.5% of them), I’m proud to see them featured. Merry Christmas, and enjoy, baby! Bring on the reviews…

    • Obnoxious! But I loves ya. Obviously.

  3. Nice! I have a pile of about 35-40 unread books….it’s depressing I tells ya

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