Trapped in a Twilight Zone Marathon this New Year’s? Time to Bone Up on Your Matheson w/ Bradley and, baby!

“In preparing to launch the show, Serling had immersed himself in SF literature, just as Matheson did when he began selling stories during the early ’50s. Already an Emmy Award-winner for his Playhouse 90teleplays “Requiem for a Heavyweight” and “The Comedian,” Serling was contractually obliged to provide the majority of Zone scripts, but he was determined to use both the material and the services of some of the genre’s greatest practitioners, including Matheson and his friend and sometime collaborator, Charles Beaumont…”

Read the rest of Matthew R. Bradley’s superlative rundown of Richard Matheson’s classic Zone scripts at




  1. Very kind of you, thanks. Hope your New Year’s was super-splenderific, my man.

    • Not only did they play 3rd From The Sun, they adapted and utilized it as a promo for the whole damn marathon. Make no mistake, however: “SyFy” rates alarmingly high on the draxian shitlist. Whenever I think they’ve sunk as low as possible, they reach a new level of utter assholeism. A new word for a new year!

      • I gave up watching them years ago, even before the name change that would otherwise have signalled the end.

  2. Love reading anything to do with Twilight, thanks for the post.

  3. Are you ever going to update this artice? Enjoyed reading it.

    • Thanks very much, Jacob (presuming that comment was directed at me). If you follow the link at the top of the article, the “Richard Matheson–Storyteller” index will take you to the conclusion, which covers Matheson’s contributions to three subsequent ZONE incarnations, as well as some of the more recent adaptations of his work. Hope you will enjoy it.

      • JACOB BLACK is a character in TWILIGHT. This is SPAM. I take my amusements whenever they fall within grabbing distance.

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