No, My Wife and Daughter Were NOT Messing with My Head: the NYPD Marching Band Really Played the YAMATO Theme During Macy’s Damn Thanksgiving Day Parade

Or as Al Roker called it, “The theme from Space Battleship Yama-to-to,” which was discernible for only a few scant notes before getting steamrolled by the damn Spiderman balloon… and the hated Bakshi-show theme song! (Somewhere, a certain Word Man laughs.)

This “Yamato is cool!” shit is getting out of hand…




  1. Um, forgive my ignorance and/or fading memory, but why is said Word-Man laughing?

    • Did you play the clip? It’s messed up, man! We hear the Yamato theme clearly for a total of two seconds, and THEN! It’s the fucking Spiderman song! Arghgh. It’s twisted, MRB.

  2. P.S. You’re like Tom: the minute something becomes trendy, you want no part of it, even if you loved it beforehand!

    • Well, you know, you want what you love to succeed, of course. But it’s the posers that bug me more than anything: “Oh yeah yeah, duh, I remember ‘tar-blazers, uh-huh…”

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